#1. Compass Ministries AfterSchool
      Help This Faith-Based North Omaha Program With Its Operations Funding, Field Trips, Traveling Teachers, and More
#2. Karen-Western Elementary School, 6224 H St., Ralston Public Schools, Li'l Rams After-School Program
      Help Fund the "Creativity Club" With Enrichment Activities to Complement the Curriculum For These Well-Behaved Young Students
#3. African-American Art Encounter
      Provide a Group Tour and Multicultural Art Experience For 10-20 Low-Income Students
#4. Hope Center for Kids
      FUNDING NEEDED to Re-Stock the 'Positive Impact Store'
#5. Common Sense Parenting Class
      Help Send a Low-Income Parent to This Helpful Workshop Series from Boys Town
#6. Camp Fire USA
      Fund Field Trips, Food and Supplies For This Outstanding Youth Development Organization
#7. Horseback Riding Experience
      Equines Are Mighty Fine at Building Self-Control and Self-Esteem, But For Low-Income Kids, Riding Is Out of Reach. But That's Where YOU Come In!
#8. Good News Clubs
      Donations, Volunteers and Prayers Needed For This Growing, Weekly After-School Program From Child Evangelism Fellowship
#9. Wesley Academy
      Book-Based Creativity Kits Are a Daily Delight
#10. Book Wish Lists For Inner-City After-Schools
      Go Online and Have Selected Books Sent Straight to the Program
#11 Miller Park Elementary School After-School Program
      Field Trip to Da Vinci Exhibit at Strategic Air and Space Museum, All Rights Reserved.