01 African-American Hero Memory Game
      Concentration Is What It Takes to Change the World and Win This Game!
02 America's First Black Woman Millionaire
      Daughter of Slaves Leads a Rags-to-Riches Life
03 Can You Write With the Language Power of Dr. Martin Luther King?
      Exploring What Made the 'I Have a Dream' Speech So Inspiring
04 Black History Month
      Memorize a Quote a Day About the African-American Experience
06 The American Race: Woven of Many Strands
      Using Thread to Teach a Truth About Unity
07 Mexican Confetti Eggs
      Celebrate With This Wacky Egg-spression of Hispanic Fun
08 African-American Heritage Garden
      Order Seeds in Winter For a Head Start On This Meaningful, Delicious and Nutritious Project
09 African Folk Tale: Make Anansi the Spider
      Pipe Cleaner Spider Brings Ghana Legend to Life
10 African-American Achievers
      Biography: A Great Way to Get Inspired and Chart Your Own Course Toward Greatness
11 Chinese Alphabet
      Brush Strokes and a Celebration of the Year of the Tiger, 2010
12 Reciting Poetry for Black History Month
      'Still I Rise' by Maya Angelou
13 Cinco de Mayo Cactus: Table Decoration
      There's a Little Chemistry Lesson In This Easy Craft Making a Great Party Favor
14 Black History Timeline
      Matching Famous Faces to Their Time in American History, All Rights Reserved.