Preschool Activities



Puppets For Moppets
      Learning to Listen Through Active Play
Child-Sized Pencil and Paper, Please
      Smart Scribbling Has a Powerful Payoff
Top 10 Pre-Reading Activities
      For the Preschooler and the Early Grade-Schooler, Too
Kiddie Chemistry: Washing Coins
      A Simple Chemical Reaction Makes Good Wishing-Well Material
Colors: Rainbow Droplets
      'Rainbow Order' and Water Play
Counting: Coin Bank and Lazy Susan Store
      Empty Egg Cartons Make Great Coin-Sorting Banks
Kiddie Geometry: Nail Board
      Wrap Up Some Hands-On Fun With Geometric Shapes
'Picture' a Story
      They May Not Be Able to Write Words, But They Can Still Tell Stories!
Memory Game
      A Tray of Household Items Is All You Need to Help Build This Crucial Thinking Skill
Kiddie Math: Lid Patterns
      Milk Jugs, Juice Jugs, Water Bottles: Save Those Lids!
Junior Carpenter
      Play Time Takes a Pounding, and Eye-Hand Coordination Gets a Boost
'Aggression' Cookies
      Let a Rambunctious Little Cookie Take It Out On the Dough
Connect-the-Dots Alphabet Pictures
      A Little Alphabet Training Helps a Child Picture the Building Blocks of Our Language, All Rights Reserved.