01 Mini Compost Pile
      Garbage In, Great Gardening Soil Out
02 Sock Garden
      Plant Plants the Way Animals Do
03 Worm Ranch
      They're Ooey, They're Gooey, and They Really Help Our Soil (Plus They Make Great Fish Bait)
04 Nature Hike Notebook
      Make a Memento of Your Walk on the Wild Side
05 Leaf Collection
      Make a Book or Collage of the Colors and Shapes That "Leaf" You in Awe
06 Nature Creatures
      Pine Cones, Acorns, Twigs, Seedpods . . . They All Come Alive As Your Little Outdoorsy Friends
07 Egg People
      Have Fun Styling That Wacky Green Hair
08 Nature Hunt: Make a Fall Wreath
      Preserve the Beauty and Bounty of Autumn Plants
10 Measuring Wind Power
      The Beaufort Scale, and Observing Wind Erosion
11 Squiggly Wigglies
      Go On a Bug Hunt, and Then Make One To Keep
12 Seedballs
      Toss a Little Color and Beauty in a Neglected Corner of Your World
13 Autumn Leaf Banner
      Can You Name the Substance That Makes Leaves Change Colors?

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