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Eskimo Pie




Chocolate wafer cookies


Frozen yogurt or ice milk in vanilla or your favorite flavor


Ice cream scoop or big spoon


Paper plate


Mini chocolate chips or colorful candy sprinkles


Plastic knife or other clean straight-edge


Plastic wrap



Here's a way to celebrate the Inuit culture in the wintertime - or cool down with a cool treat in the hottest part of the summer!


There are at least three ways to get the chocolate wafers that you need for the outside of your "sandwich":


1.      Go to a Dairy Queen and ask to buy the plain chocolate wafers that they sell for their ice cream sandwiches. They'll only charge you a few cents for each wafer.


Or . . .


2.      There's a brand of chocolate wafer cookies you can buy in some grocery stores, called "Famous Brand." They aren't always available, but check in the cookie aisle and ask a clerk if you don't see them.


Or . . .


3.      Make "mini pies" by scraping the white frosting off Oreos with a plastic knife (don't lick 'em - have SOME manners!).


Let the frozen yogurt or ice cream soften a little bit. Blob about a scoop's worth on a chocolate wafer, place a second one on top, and press the wafers together like a sandwich. Don't squeeze too hard, but have enough fro-yo or ice cream on there so that, when squeezed together, your "sandwich" will be an inch or two high.


Use the plastic knife or other clean straight-edge to scrape the extra fro-yo or ice cream back into the container.


Sprinkle mini chocolate chips OR colorful candy sprinkles onto a paper plate. Now carefully roll your Eskimo pie over them to pick them up along the edge of your fro-yo or ice cream.


Wrap in plastic wrap, and place in the freezer for a half-hour or more. This will make your sandwich solid enough to eat without making too big of a mess.


While you're waiting - which is hard, since this is such a great treat! - run and play outside to burn up the extra calories. You'll be glad you did!



By Susan Darst Williams Food & Cooking 04 2009

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