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Mini Tree House


Snack idea: Cut off the blunt end of two or three tall ribs of celery, and stand them up like trees before you eat them like a giant, leaves and all.




For this building project, you don't need to look beyond your own backyard, for the most part. Just gather up an interestingly-shaped twig.


Let each student mix up some plaster of paris, available inexpensively at a hobby store or discount store. Give each student a Styrofoam cup and have him or her set the twig in the cup like a tree.


The next day, when it has hardened up, each student should draw the twig in the cup on a piece of paper. Then the student should continue to add to that drawing, designing a tree house. They may want to involve pulleys, swimming pools, fireplaces, landscaping . . . whatever strikes their fancy.


Then they should scrounge around the house and recycled junk pile to bring in supplies that they can use to build the miniature tree house like the one they designed.


Examples: corrugated cardboard, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, chicken wire, Styrofoam, fabric, ribbon, stationery, buttons, sugar cubes. . . .


Each student could write a short story about their tree house and invent characters who would live in them and have adventures.


By Susan Darst Williams Building 02 2008

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