Drama & Speech



01 Sock Puppets
      They're Cute, They're Cozy, and They Solve the Problem of What to Do With Unmatched Socks
02 Melodrama: Funny Food Fiction
      Kitchen Cornball as Good Triumphs Over Evil
03 Start With a Bang
      Five Good Ways to Start a Talk or Conversation
04 Get a Drama Major Into the Act
      An Older Student-Mentor Could Lead a Drama-Focused After-School Short Course
05 Shakespeare to a Hip-Hop Beat
      Listen to a Fresh, New Audio Remake of a Classic Scene
06 Delivering Inaugural One-Liners
      A Little Practice For When YOU Assume the Presidency!
07 Comedy Club: Stand-Up Comedy
      A Behind the Scenes Look at Spontaneous Humor
08 Abe Lincoln Out Loud
      Breaking Down a Long Quote In Phrases Brings the Meaning Alive
09 'Jack and the Beanstalk' Play
      The Secret Is How You Make That Beanstalk 'Grow'!

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