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The Name Game:

How Many Ways Can You 'Say' Your Name?


Today's snack: Take graham crackers and chew in and around them to form the letters of your first name. You may want to frost the letters once you have them done, with a little softened cream cheese to which you add a few drops of milk and some powdered sugar. Then, once you've enjoyed looking at your name . . . EAT YOURSELF!!!





You'll need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil

And then supplies to create your name in the fashion that you select


Creative people love to "think up" new ways of doing things. They love to be original . . . to try new combinations . . . to boldly create where no one has created before!


So let's put a creative claim on your very own name!


How many different ways can you express your name? Number from one to 10 on a piece of paper, and start keeping track. Here are some to get you started:


1.       Say it aloud.

2.       Sing it aloud

3.       Write it with a pencil.

4.       Type it.

5.       Tap it out in Morse code.

6.       "Sign" it in sign language.

7.       Cut the letters out of a paper plate.

8.       Write it in powdered laundry soap.

9.       Make it in 3-D with interlocking block toys.

10.   Fold pieces of paper into the shape of the letters.


Now, how many more ways can you list?


If your name has a special significance, or can symbolize something else, maybe you could work an image of that into your creative effort. For example, the name "Bill" could also be the bill of a duck. You could sketch a duck's bill around the letters.


Keep going! Walk around and look for clues for as many ways as you can come up with to express your name. Try for 25! 50! Or more!


Now choose the very best idea, and create it.


By Susan Darst Williams Brainstorming 05 2008




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