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Today's Snack: You'll attract a lot of smiles with this colorful snack idea. Get some bamboo kebobs and be careful - they have sharp ends. Carefully thread a strawberry marshmallow on there, followed by a strawberry half, followed by a 1" or 2" cube of angel-food cake. Repeat pattern until the kebab is full. Pull the parts off one by one and eat. Wash them down with a tall glass of milk with a spoonful or two of strawberry flavoring.






Small paper plate


Salt and pepper



Blow up the balloon and tie it.


Sprinkle about 10 shakes of salt and 10 shakes of pepper onto the paper plate. Pick up the plate and shake it gently to distribute the salt and pepper evenly.


Take a hold of the balloon with one hand, and keep your hand on that place from now on. Now slowly rub that balloon across your hair 20 times at a moderate pace.


Now, continuing to hold the balloon with one hand at exactly the same place, hold the balloon still about one inch over the plate.


Put your ear down so you can hear what happens.


Did you see and hear a lot of the salt "jump" onto the balloon? Yes! It was attracted there by the static electricity that you built up in the balloon by rubbing it on your hair. Salt molecules are attracted to it. Now, isn't this an ATTRACTIVE way to learn about science?



By Susan Darst Williams www.AfterSchoolTreats.com Experiments 05 2009

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