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Why Ignoring a Problem Is Cheesy


Snack: Cubes of Swiss and cheddar cheese with whole-grain crackers.






One hunk of cheese per child



Procrastination is human nature. We all like to put off doing things that might be hard or scary. But when it comes to personal relationships, when you try to ignore a problem that you might be having with someone else, you're likely to be making that problem even worse. In fact, the longer you pretend it's not even there, and don't do anything about it, the more likely it is that that problem will begin to . . . well . . . stink.


Let's say that this hunk of cheese is some kind of a disagreement or irritation that you've been having with somebody in your life. Let's leave this cheese out on the kitchen counter, or maybe on your bathroom counter or sink, for a long time. Say, two weeks?


Notice what happens to the cheese. Use all five of your senses to notice it. As long as you leave cheese in the refrigerator, and eat it within a reasonable period of time, it's a great food - very tasty and nourishing.


But if you leave it alone, not where it's supposed to be, and don't do anything about it, it begins to get ugly - REAL ugly - and it begins to stink.


At the end of this experiment, when you can't stand it one more moment, throw your cheese away . . . and go to the person you've been having a problem with, right away, and make things right.


That's not being cheesy! That's being a leader. That's being . . . a Big Cheese.


By Susan Darst Williams People Skills 02 2008




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