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Today's Snack: Since a lot of the interesting people are heroes, let's have a hero sandwich! Slice a bun in half and load it up with meats, cheese, a lettuce leaf, sliced tomato, and whatever else you can cram in there. Then eat, with a nice glass of milk, which you can use to make yourself a heroic-looking milk moustache!




Position the bio form, below, to print out on one page

Make as many copies as you wish



A great way to learn history is to learn about it through the people who lived it. So let's collect biographies facts about interesting and important people.


Print out and/or photocopy this blank information form as many times as you wish. Staple the pages into book form, 3-hole punch them and place them in a three-ring binder, or tape them to a notebook you already have.


Make categories: military, medical, writer, artist, educator, scientist, explorer, inventor, religious hero, beauty, intelligence, kindness, service to the poor . . . the possibilities are endless. Make sure you have at least one person for each of your categories, and shoot for three or four!

















Name: _____________________________


Why famous:________________________




Event or action known for: _____________




Date of birth:________ Death: ________


Home, family: ______________________


Advantages: ________________________


Obstacles: __________________________


Failures, problems: ___________________


Unforgettable because: ________________




Circle source of your information and give title, below:

encyclopedia library book database newspaper other


Attach photo or draw your own:


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