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Why Not Be the Best in History?


Today's Snack Idea: eat a world-class healthy treat - a delicious, round apple. Only . . . imagine that it's Earth. Bite off North America! Yum! Who knew? It's tasty! Now bite off Africa, chew and swallow. Who knew it'd be that easy to wipe off a whole continent? Aren't you glad Earth doesn't have a big brown STEM sticking up from it? When you get down to the CORE of the apple, just be glad it's not as hot as the Earth's core, estimated to be between 3,000 and 5,000 degrees Celsius. Whew! Now, THAT'S world-class hot!




As long as there have been people, there have been contests to see who's the best at what. History is full of win-loss episodes, and famous people who've been the best in an endless variety of competitions. There's no reason kids can't get in on the "hysteria" and set a world record. What will be yours? What do you want to go down in history for, as the best in the . . .



See below for a web link you can use to browse through the Guinness Book of World Records and check out what's already been done. Can you beat it? Or can you devise a new category that nobody else has ever thought of, and be the world champ right off the bat?


Examples: the world record for balancing on one foot is 76 hours and 40 minutes.


Another person has a record for balancing 88 pounds of milk cartons on his head for 11.23 seconds.


The longest time for continuously spinning a basketball on one finger is three hours and 59 minutes.


Head to this site to find out the official rules and regulations and to register your record attempt. Someday, the kiddies might be reading about YOU in the history books!




By Susan Darst Williams www.AfterSchoolTreats.com History 01 2008


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