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Flag Day Pinwheels


Today's Snack: Toast a bagel half and spread it with cream cheese. You might want to thin the cream cheese with a little milk. Put a few blueberries in the upper left, and lay thin red strips of red sweet pepper sideways, for the "stripes." Enjoy your "Betsy Ross Bagel" with a glass of milk.






New unsharpened pencil with full eraser | ruler | pencil | scissors
Double-sided red, white and blue or flag-print

origami paper, or lightweight paper cut to 4" square
Pushpin | sequin with a hole in the middle



1.  Measure, lightly mark with pencil, and cut a 4" square from your chosen paper.


2.  Fold the square in half diagonally and unfold.


3. Fold again in half from opposite corners. An "X" should be formed on your paper.


4.  Measure about an inch from the center point of the "X" on one fold line. Make a light pencil mark.  Repeat this on the remaining three fold lines.


5.  Cut along each fold line from the corner of the paper to the pencil mark.  This will divide each corner into two points.


6.  Gently lift up and bring every other point a little past the center point so they overlap each other slightly. Hold in place with a finger.


7.  Hold in place and poke pushpin through center so that it pierces all four points and holds them. Rotate pin a bit to slightly enlarge hole. You don't want it too tight. The paper pinwheel should be able to move freely if you blow on it.


8.  Thread the sequin on the pushpin behind the pinwheel, before pushing the pushpin into the side of the eraser of your pencil.


9.  Great idea for Memorial Day, Flag Day, the Fourth of July, and parades. Learn more about our flag on


By Susan Darst Williams Crafts 2012



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