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Top 10 List for Little Patriots


Today's Snack: A patriotic treat: red jello topped with white whipping cream and a sprinkling of blueberries! Wash it down with milk or water.



Pre-order the paperback book ($8.99) online:

"One Nation Under God: A Book For Little Patriots"

By Amelia Hamilton,

Ten blank index cards per student | pencils

Colored pencils | colored rubber bands



Here's a fun and easy way to teach children 10 key concepts about the United States of America. Pre-order the book and read it to the students before you do today's activity. The book has clever poems about each patriotic concept. Students will enjoy the colorful illustrations, too.


After you've read the book aloud, distribute the index cards in sets of 10. Together, write each concept in pencil on a different card. Students should draw the numbers large and exaggerated so that they can color them later. Discuss with them the impact on their lives of each of these precious treasures of freedom:


One Nation Under God

Two Chambers in Congress

Three Branches of Government

Four Presidents on Mount Rushmore

Five Branches in Our Military

Six Ships That Kept Us Free

Seven Rays on the Statue of Liberty

Eight Fifes and Eight Drums

Nine Supreme Court Justices

Ten Amendments in the Bill of Rights



Students can use colored pencils to decorate the numbers and add their own illustrations. They may enjoy copying the ones in the book. They can keep their set of cards together with a colorful rubber band and take them home to keep and share with their families and friends.



By Susan Darst Williams Americanism 10 2011

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