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Critter Creation


Today's snack: Take three snack foods that you really like, and create a whole new snack by putting them in the same bowl and eating them! Example: fruit yogurt with shelled sunflower seeds and cut-up strawberries. Then create a new after-school drink by combining two drinks that you like. How about apple juice and 7-Up?





Colorful foam | pompoms | pipe cleaners | colored wire | googly eyes | glue

Other creative supplies as you have on hand: thread, beads, buttons, etc.



Brainstorm the things that a living creature needs, and then use some wacky creativity supplies to invent a whole new living being. It doesn't have to be anything like any creature you've ever known on Earth. It might have special powers that we've never seen before. Brainstorm a fantastic new creature, give it a name, and then write down answers to questions like these:


What will your imaginary creature eat?


How will it get its food?


In what environment will your imaginary creature live?


Where will it find shelter and a safe place to sleep?


Will it have any special powers or abilities?


What is your creature's weakness?


How will it get along with other members of its species?


How about other species? Will it be a predator, or prey?


What will be the most important thing for this creature?


Now write a story about your new critter creation. Share it with your friends!


By Susan Darst Williams Brainstorming 08 2010

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