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100 Reasons to Dig a Hole


Today's snack idea: Spoon applesauce into a bowl or glass until it's about two-thirds full. Using a spoon, "dig" a hole in the center. Then put a teaspoon of cinnamon sugar (half cinnamon, half sugar) in the hole. Spoon some more applesauce on top. Then eat your sweet treat and dig for the treasure you buried in the hole. But don't eat with a shovel - use a spoon!












Congratulations to Spring Ridge Elementary School 4th graders. In spring 2008, the students in Elkhorn, NE, won 811 doughnut holes and a tree to be planted at their school.


How'd they win? And what was with the not-very-round number, 811?


Well, there's a nationwide hotline that you're supposed to call before you dig a hole - 811 - to make sure there's nothing in the way, so that you don't cut a utility line and so forth. To promote the 811 number, the Digger's Hotline of Nebraska sponsored the contest.


Those kids thought up 81 reasons to dig a hole, and many of them were funny and ingenious.





So here's the challenge: can you think up 100? Write down numbers 1 to 100 on a sheet of paper, and give it a try!


Notice: we never said you had to dig the hole in DIRT. Does that open up some new ideas for you?


Also note: it doesn't have to be realistic. In fact, the more creative and way out it is, the better you'll like thinking it up! Of course, practical answers are fine. But ones that are humorous and imaginative really make you smile.


Expand your thinking:


Who would have a reason to dig a hole? What kind of a person? What kind of an animal?


What size of a hole could be dug? How would an eentsy weentsy one have a different use than a gigantic one?


Why would there be a need for a hole?


What could happen better in a hole than anywhere else?


What could you put in a hole that no one's ever thought of before?


Here are some of the Spring Ridge kids' craziest and most creative answers:





  1. to make a tunnel that leads to Disney World so I can go whenever I want.


  1. to bury my brother's TV. He watches it all the time. I want him to help me do chores.


  1. because I want to find dinosaur bones and fossils.


  1. to put my annoying rooster in it.


  1. to put worms in my brother's hair.



Keep at it until you come up with 100 different reasons to dig a hole.


It'll be a . . . HOLE lot of fun. Can you . . . DIG IT?!?!


By Susan Darst Williams Brainstorming 07 2008

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