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Creativity Assessment


Today's snack: Have an apple and a glass of milk, and see how many ways you can think of to eat an apple (upside down, in an orchard, apple fritters, applesauce, etc.) and milk. Your answer may describe where you are when you're eating it, or the apple or the milk may be just one ingredient among many. Can you name 10 for each?







Print out this assessment

Fill it out

Talk it over with three adults to help you think ahead to future classes you want to take to build on your creative directions, or a possible future career






make a check if you have it.

circle it if you want it.

leave it blank if you don't know right now.

Keep this form in a file of future classes and career explorations.






I love to learn new things.


I can generate ideas.


I love to connect two ideas into something new.


I like to figure out the reason behind something.


I like to know where things came from.


I like to know where other people get their ideas.


People comment on my creative ideas.


I love to learn new things.


I'm good at TV game shows. My favorite is: _________________.


I like to plan ahead, set goals, and make it happen the way I planned.


I like deadline pressure.





People say I have a big vocabulary.


I'm a good reader.


I'm a good writer.


I like to write poems, songs and stories.


I'm funny.


I think of puns and plays on words.


I invent words and nicknames.


It's easy to make me laugh.





I like to think of a better way to do something, or would like to learn how to do that.


I like surprises.


Problems don't scare me, they fascinate me.


I observe things around me and adapt for myself.


I like to be organized, not disorganized, in my schoolwork, my room at home, or my daily schedule.


I'm not stuck in my ways of thinking.


My favorite phrases are "what if?" and "why?"





When I grow up, I might choose as a career (name 3):







I'm an expert on (reptiles? Knock-knock jokes? A certain music group? name 3):







My favorite movie is ________________. Name 3 reasons you like it:








My favorite TV show is ______________. Name 3 reasons you like it:








My favorite computer game or video game is _______________. 3 reasons:






I can see how those interests and strengths might translate into a career direction for me?








When I was little, my favorite toys had to do with building, such as blocks and these others:




I have the most fun now when I am playing with (list):




I can use the following tools or materials for building (circle):


hammer saw screwdriver pliers wirestripper wrench


other: _________________________



I like to build things.


I like to take things apart.


I know how things work that other kids (or grown-ups!) don't.


I like to work with electricity.


I have invented things.


I like to make models.


I can sew.


I can do these outdoor activities (circle):


fish hunt set up a tent make a fire archery


paddle a canoe hike bird-watch ski


other(s): _____________________________________



I'm good at ping-pong or pool, or cup-stacking.


I'm a good designer.





I like to paint.


I like to draw.


I like to work with clay or other 3-D materials.


I'm precise and careful, not sloppy.


I like to look at pictures.


People say I'm good with color and shapes.


I can think things up and express them artistically.


Art projects usually come out pretty close to what I wanted.


My favorite medium for art is ______________.


The thing(s) I draw best are (circle):


people animals mazes vehicles objects up close


landscapes lettering patterns other:


I have made a work of art that is 3-D, such as a sculpture or a collage.


I'm better with concepts - thinking up what to do -- than with actually doing the art.


I'm interested in using space in creative, interesting ways, such as

architecture and design.






I'm a "ham." I don't have stage fright. I'm not afraid to talk in class or perform for others.


I talk a lot at the dinner table.


I talk a lot with my friends.


I can be convincing.


I tend to use a lot of facial expressions.


I use a lot of gestures.


I can talk or sing loud.


I am able to memorize and recite lines or sing songs under pressure.


I have performed in front of an audience.


I can speak in front of an audience.


I can dance and would like to do more dancing.


I can do gymnastics.


I can do these sports (list):







I have made props or sets.


I like to do puppet shows.






I play an instrument(s): _______________________________


I like to sing in the shower but I'm shy around other people.


I sing pretty well (circle):


alone school music class music group choir


other group: __________________________


I can make sound effects with just my mouth and/or body.


I like to experiment with kinds of sound, and how to make different sounds.


I listen to music a lot.


I have a big music collection.

My favorite kind of music is ___________.

I like songs more for the music than for the words.




By Susan Darst Williams Brainstorming 01 2008




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