Learning beyond the school day that may take place at home, in latchkey programs in schools, with tutors, or in dedicated private and tax-supported afterschool programs  

A math enrichment afterschool in Boston and San Jose, Calif., with a high-level focus  

Dedicated to augmenting the regular school day  

National after-school programs and summer camps for at-risk middle school youth  

Focus on afterschooling for violence prevention  

City of Chicago's afterschool program giving hands-on experience for teens in the arts, sports, technology, communications and science  

Lesson plans for self-directed learning with an emphasis on language arts 

Federal government resources 




Tremendous supply of ideas for arts and crafts 

Expansive "lesson bank" 

Rely on these crafts ideas at holiday time 

Claims to be the world's largest kids' art museum online 




Classical Education  

Indispensable guide to classical education at home 

The Association of Classical and Christian Schools 

Web-based classical school for Grades 7-12 with much free content 

Don't miss this site's "1,000 Good Books" list 

A nationwide network is developing to aid parents who choose this style of education 





Lots and lots of topics and themes 

Links organized by subject 

Strong in arts and crafts as well as dozens of other topics 

Neat site, and not to be missed is this "100 Reasons to Kill Your TV and Video Games":  




Disadvantaged Children & Youth  

High-poverty yet high-achieving schools have important things in common  

Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education  

Good data on community involvement in reshaping inner-city schools  

Outstanding success from the Knowledge Is Power Program  

An excellent speech on how throwing more money at education isn't the answer  

Here's an example of a high-achieving low-income school  

Innovative teaching strategy shows that with opportunity, inner-city youth can excel  

Legal issues for low-income and special ed children  

Donate books for needy children 




Gifted and Talented: (underachieving gifted kids) 




Broad range of advice and activities for homeschoolers and wanna-be's.  

Home School Legal Defense Association  

Good place to start  

National Home Education Research Institute  

Practical Homeschooling Magazine: a star in the homeschooling world 

Another publication that enjoys a widening circulation 

One family's "take" on homeschooling 

National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance  

United Kingdom homeschooling website  

Collaboration contracts between this excellent private school and homeschoolers 

Good info on multiage teaching, plus unit plans and curriculum guides 


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